I throw h8 now 
Wednesday, 25 May, 2005, 01:00 -
Announcing some h8: I hate Dell Inspiron 7000-series laptops. They are absolute crap. They're a pain in the ass to work on, especially when you have to remove the palm rest. You cannot remove the palm rest without completely disconnecting the display. Furthermore, when you order a new palm rest from Dell, the cable going to the touchpad and buttons is out of place. Normal people don't check for this because it is assumed that the cable will be correctly installed at the factory; unfortunately, I am normal. I missed it. I had to disassemble the laptop twice ... once to replace the palmrest with a new one, and once to move the cable out of the way so the optical drive could go back in.

Perhaps some more h8 ... the fact that your Maxtor drive is dying isn't my fault, Mr. Dell Owner. These things do happen. It's a hard drive, and they fail, just like all mechanical objects eventually do. I guess it's my fault as well that, when you were disconnecting your system to bring it into the shop, you forgot to unscrew your monitor and pulled hard enough to rip your video card out of the AGP slot and damage the monitor's signal cable, right? ASS.

I'd throw more, but I'm feeling a bit burned out.
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