Father of Two  
Wednesday, 26 March, 2014, 03:39
Posted by Administrator
Haven't thrown an entry up here in a bit, so I owe the four of you an explanation. See, a month ago today our daughter was born, and she has taken up all of the time that is left over after Mario. Been quite hectic as a result.

Positive: I've been bonding with my daughter every day.

Not so positive: ...over her dirty diapers.

At any rate, she's gained just over two pounds since she was born, and has gotten a full two inches longer. Everyone comments about the dark hair on her head, but I think that's a Klinko thing, as Mario and I were born that way too.

Still loving the minivan. I haven't filled all 8 seats simultaneously, but we got close last weekend, filling 5 of the 6 back seats. Nobody sat up front with me (two sub-1-year-olds to tend to, I guess). Good luck moving that many humans in the Civic.

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